Refinancing (switching your current home loan to a new lender) is a good option when circumstances change. It’s common for those wanting to get a better interest rate on their loan. house & home loans can assist you in all aspects of refinancing, and will research the many options available to help you find the best deal.

Is refinancing for you?

When looking to refinance, it’s important to keep your objectives in mind and whether or not these can be achieved by switching to a new lender. Some of the more common reasons to refinance include:

  • Wanting to consolidate debts into one easy-to-manage loan
  • The possibility of a lower interest rate
  • Upgrading your home loan to one that better suits your current circumstances
  • Borrowing additional funds to renovate, invest, or make a major purchase
  • Restructuring to ensure that properties are not cross collateralised

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